Friday, April 8, 2011


I am so excited to report that one of my patients has had a decrease in his PSA test! When we began working together a few months ago his PSA was 9.1 and has recently reduced to 6.2!!!  This is wonderful!  He followed the Doctor-Supervised Clinical Purification and took a few supplements I prescribed form Standard Process and his results are amazing!

He happens to be a 50 year old professional handball player and took second in nationals too!!  Yippee!

His energy is off the charts!  I have to say, he is a VERY satisfied man!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fantastic Results with Hormonal Imbalances and Splotchy Skin!

I am so excited to have the opportunity to see healing happen before my eyes!

Case Study:

I am working with a 48 year old woman who came to me for weight loss.
She also complained of recurring sinus infections every 3 weeks, horrible cramping and fatigue with her menstrual cycle, and her skin was incredibly dry, red and splotchy.  More than anything, I fee she was terribly embarrassed by the look of her face.

I started her on a modified Clinical Purification, gave her a Lluvia Skin Care Kit, (botanicals from the rainforest) and treated her with B.E.S.T. once a week.

9 weeks into care she has only experienced 1 sinus infection, with the symptoms being less severe, and her menses came on without her even knowing it!

Isn't this every woman's dream?!?

Her skin is becoming beautiful as well, and she is now so happy with her skin that she wants to share the skin care with others.

I am amazed everyday with the transformation that takes place in those that are ready to make a change and show up in my office.

I am always interested in learning about other cases that have had results and love to hear feedback, as it only helps me help others in a greater way.

So let's chat!

P.S:  Check out the Clinical Purification Page for more information in our next Group Purification!  it is lots of fun!

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Be Well!

Dr. Brandy McCans

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Living On The Edge... 3 Easy Steps to Not Fall Off

Are you living on The Edge?
On the edge of surviving, on the edge of your relationships, 
on the edge of your greatest health?

Does it seem that you are constantly striving to make more of yourself and continue to find there is not enough of you to go around? Do you find yourself with the partner of your dreams yet continue to bump up against that thin veil that separates the two? Are you realizing that your greatest health lies just beyond the tips of your fingers as you reach farther into the depths of time?

What is it that "those people" have that 
allows their lives to flow and prosper?

I have been studying this concept for many years and every day I wake up with a greater degree of understanding. Every day I wake up to greater understanding of that which I already know.  I am realizing each day the truth of my true nature and what it take to live that authentically and fully.  

And here I am.

When I was afflicted with Bi-Polar Manic Depression there were many days I was high as a kite, loving life and completely unstoppable. Other days I was hiding behind closed doors, not answering the phone and drowning myself in oreos and ice cream. (Ben & Jerry's was my favorite!) Those were the days nobody saw. I hid from everyone, only to show my face when I could put it on with a smile.  And the last 10 years has been a process of me learning how to have less of those days and more of the others.  Now that I am on the other side of it, I can look back and see why I felt so stretched out, so disconnected, and so sick and tired of being sick and tired.

There are 3 Easy Steps you can take right now to not Fall Of The Edge...

1.  Take Time Each Day to Choose What You Want.

Maybe you are in a situation where you feel there is nowhere to turn, you're raising your kids on your own or living in a shelter, and maybe none of it is what you actually want.  That is a GREAT realization my friend!  Once you realize what you don't want you then can decide what you do want.  Once you decide what you want write it down, visualize the way it would feel to experience it now and give thanks as if it has already happened.  You must feel it in your body and give up any negative, pessimistic thinking (that may be hiding in the background).  This simple practice will get your subconscious programmed to "seek out" this new experience for yourself. 

2.  Take A Step In The Direction of Your Desire.

Perhaps you are finding you are not passionate about your job, but it's paying the bills.  You must decide if your life is worth more than that and then take a step to change it.  You are the only one who can hand your resume out or begin something fun and creative to bring in the cash.  What ever step you take in the direction of your desire will open doors to bring that desire to you.  It is amazing how the Universe responds to our wishes when we have sincere and ethical motivation.

3.  Pause For A Response.

Once you have taken a step in the direction of your desire take a moment to wait for a "reply".  It is too easy to get caught up in taking too many steps in too many different directions, thinking you have to make something work, trying to make something happen so you don't feel like a failure, and in all the "doing" you lose yourselves and totally miss the outcome of your actions.  It is true the "reply" make not be what you want, but the simple act of receiving it gives you the power to refocus your desire with laser-like intention and choose a different action step.  All the answers lie in the stillness.  Imagine being in a  relationship and you talk, talk, talk, do, do, do, and wonder why you feel a little dissatisfied with the relationship. You will naturally begin making things up that your partner is or is not doing and blame it all on those things, when in reality you have not given your partner a chance to respond to your requests and actions.  EVERYTHING is about relationship.  The way you relate to your work is a relationship; the way you relate to your kids is a relationship; and most importantly, the way you relate to yourself is a relationship.  Are you taking care of everyone else and leaving yourself out?  Pause for yourself and you will be doing everyone favors.

I have taken on the challenge on pausing more in my life and I am finding that (as long as I can stay out of judgement) the tension is gone in my head and back, I am feeling more fulfilled in my relationships (because I am actually allowing them to relate to me!), and best of all I feel sexier in my body than ever!

Enjoy Yourself and Your Life...
This is all you have right now.

Dr. Brandy McCans

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


"Working with Dr. Brandy has changed my life!  I easily lost 14 pounds and 2 pant sizes!  I now have more confidence and love my body more than ever.
Thank you Dr. Brandy!"                                                                        ~Patti K, Santa Rosa, CA

“I wanted to thank you Dr. Brandy for your love and support. You have been such an important part of my journey this year. The changes that I have personally made have been incredible and I give all the credit to our relationship. You have helped me turn on a switch within and freed me from my destructive self-talk. I am finding the courage in every situation to be truthful and seeing that my viewpoint is worthy.  I really love each moment of everyday.  I just can’t wait to see what unfolds next year. Thank you for helping me find my inner strength, courage, and most of all, love! 
With my deepest gratitude and light!”                                                            ~Jeanna J., Santa Rosa, CA

“My name is Joe Franklin and I stand 5’ 10”.  I weighed 185 pounds on October 6th, when I began working with Dr. Brandy McCans.  Today, October 31st, I weigh 174 pounds.  I have been enjoying my diet and it has been so easy! I’ve lost eleven (11) pounds in the last 25 days!!”

“November 18th, update:  Most people when they lose weight have a tendency to put the weight back on when they quit dieting; I'm happy to say that since October 31st, a total of 18 days, I still weigh 174!”                                                                                                            ~Joe Franklin, Healdsburg, CA

“Dr. Brandy's training enabled me to reach inside and bring out my potential.  She took me past emotional blocks, attitudes and beliefs about myself that I have been working on for years. She enabled me to restructure the way I look at life.  I feel now that success, physically, spiritually and emotionally is in my hands.”                                                            ~Julie, Sonoma, CA

“Dr. Brandy's enthusiasm is obvious, and enchanting.  The workshop is perfectly structured to give each participant the time and inspiration to look at their blocks, desires and hope for the future.  The coupling of self-help ideas with B.E.S.T. adjustments made this a remarkable turning point for me.  I've been able to stay on track much better because of Dr. Brandy’s mix of revealing insights, and the B.E.S.T. clearing and balancing treatments I experienced with her.  Thank you Dr. Brandy!”                                                                                                            ~Anne, Sonoma, CA

"I struggled for over 20 years with manic depression, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, eating disorders, low blood sugar and many other ailments.  Although I had some success by modifying my lifestyle in a healthier way, I could not reach optimal health.  When I began working with Dr. McCans I immediately had positive results!  My mood and outlook instantly improved, migraines disappeared and many issues I thought I had resolved in therapy were cleared out, bringing more peace and optimism into my life.  I am also now experiencing weight loss, more energy, stronger adrenals, and greater self-esteem.  My career is now my life's passion and my relationships are turning around for the better.  I encourage anyone who wishes for a healthier, happier more peaceful and abundant life to begin your journey with Dr. McCans."           ~Itan  M.